• Czech and the City – Open Course

    For Foreigners

    • Are you a tourist?

    • Do you want to spend an interesting afternoon in Prague?

    • Would you like to learn Czech basics and practical phrases?
    • Join us for an adventurous journey through old and modern Prague!
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  • Get to Know Prague without Difficulty

    Universities, Language schools
    (Made-to-Measure Program)

    • Do you organize Czech courses for foreigners at universities or language schools?
    • Would you like to offer an interesting program to your students?
    • Do you want to start the semester untraditionally?
    • We will draw up a course according to your requirements.
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  • Interactive Foreign Languages

    High Schools
    (Made-to-Measure Program)

    • Are you the type of school that likes diversity and seeks new possibilities?

    • Do you prefer made-to-measure courses, which take account of the age of students and their language skills?
    • Choose educational or team-building form of our program.

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