Course Basic Information

We organize language programs for high schools that are interested in extension of language classes (English, German) and in attractive projects for their students.

We will prepare educational or team-building program for the whole class/group according to their age, language skills and your requirements.

  • What Do We Offer?

    • Language programs and trips for progress of language skills within the class
    • Educational programs in foreign language focused on communication and presentation skills, negotiation, solving problems, cooperation, creativity
    • Team-building programs in foreign language
  • Additional Information

    • This course is ideal optimal for the beginning or end of school year, during the period of graduation exams, or as an alternative to excursions
    • We will accommodate the length and content of the course according to your requirements and needs of your students
    • We cooperate with organisationsMise HERo and Studentská Agora.
Czech Appeal – Language in Motion
  • You will get

    • Course made-to-measure for students
    • Supporting materials for course participants
    • Team of lecturers, that will supervise the program of the course
  • How does the course look like?

    • Active language use
    • Elective level of language skills from beginners to advanced
    • Outdoor and indoor version of the program
  • What will the participants gain?

    • Speaking Czech will be fun
    • Participants will venture to communicate
    • Adventure in Prague
    • Experience one will never forget
Regarding the applications and individual questions write at

Who will guide you through the course? Martina Kolářová

my name is Martina Kolářová and I am engaged in education from different sights – I teach languages, work as a lector of free times activities and I develop educational programs for the company HERo s.r.o.
I hope that in my courses you will have fun, learn useful things and you will not forget it! I have o lot of hobbies – I love sports, playing guitar and reading.

I am looking forward to our common course.